“Ontel has a strong commitment to environmentally-sustainable business practices, and we are proud to announce the completion of this important renewable energy project”.

Chuck Khubani, Founder & CEO.

Ontel Global Headquarters – Now Powered By The Sun

Ontel’s products are created with a commitment to sustainability; From manufacturing, to package design and shipment, our products are made responsibly and without trade offs in performance or value.

Our Global Headquarters in Fairfield, NJ is powered by a 228kW solar photo-voltaic system. The rooftop system includes 950 individual 240 watt photo-voltaic modules, two central commercial inverters, a ballasted roof mounting system, and a data acquisition system that incorporates string-level monitoring capabilities.

The system produces over 270,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity per year, representing all of the facility’s current annual usage. This equates to the reduction of more than 350,000 pounds of carbon emissions annually. Over the next 25 years, the system will produce 6.4 million kilowatt-hours, generating enough clean energy to power more than 35 homes for the same period.

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