Ontel has perfected the model for quickly building new brands that sell millions of units within a short time period, and continue with strong sales for years to come.

Direct Response Television

Television advertising is the cornerstone of our product launch strategy and the key vehicle we use to drive brand awareness and create consumer demand. Every product we launch is accompanied by a compelling TV commercial, which lets us measure the exact amount of demand there will be on a new product, and is the perfect method for building new brands that sell millions of units quickly.

Internet Marketing & Engagement

Digital advertising lets us reach consumers within precise demographics, generating awareness to those most likely to be interested in our products. This in turn increases the effectiveness of non-digital channels, generating additional sales and ROI. Digital advertising drives word-of-mouth at scale.

Point of Sale Displays

Approximately 82% of mass merchant purchase decisions are made in-store. It’s more important now than ever for consumer brands to use point-of-purchase signage and displays that cut through the clutter and improve category performance. Our displays stand out at the shelf and in the aisle, and are proven to provide an emotional connection with shoppers that drives impulse decisions.

IP Protection & MAP Enforcement

Ontel promotes MAP pricing and actively monitors for violators. We also aggressively pursue sellers of counterfeit goods and have successfully litigated cases against them. This is done to protect our retail partners from unfair online competition and price manipulators, resulting in higher retail sales.

Drive-To-Retail Campaigns

Once a product has reached mass retail, our marketing focus shifts away from driving direct sales and toward driving consumers to retailers. We believe our success is derived from your success.

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