A brand is not a logo, name, or typeface. It’s not even a product or service. It’s all of these things combined, and so much more. We see a brand as the experience our customers will have with all of these elements; how they’ll feel when they buy our products, and what they’ll think about when they hear our name or see our logo.

Identification & Opportunity

Our eyes and ears are always open for the next great idea. Our brand development process begins by identifying a problem, visualizing a solution, and how consumers will use that solution.

Product Design & Prototyping

Our product development team turns the “what” of the product’s requirements into a specific “how” this particular product will meet those requirements. As the product design comes to life, we’ll leverage a range of processes including software-based modeling, 3D printing, and and both controlled and “real-world” testing. These steps ensure that the final product will be ready for mass production, and ultimately solve the customer’s problem.


Ontel’s global manufacturing capabilities allow us to manufacture our products at scale, and in a variety of configurations to meet the requirements of our consumers and for distribution to any country. Over the years, we’ve streamlined this process and can go from the prototype phase to a full retail-ready rollout in a matter of weeks.

Brand Presentation

How a brand is presented to the end user can influence the purchase decision. From colors and logos, to packaging and callouts, our experience and consumer feedback guides our branding process. This results in more memorable brands, which many consumers can still recall 10-15 years down the road, long after a marketing campaign has run its course.

Demand Generation

When it’s time to launch, we start by creating compelling direct-response TV commercials, and then expand to Internet, retail, and more. By measuring the exact level of demand, Ontel has perfected the model for quickly building new brands that sell millions of units within a short time period, and continue with strong sales for years to come.

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Line Extensions & Ongoing Improvements

We’re always innovating to improve our existing brands, taking advantage of new technologies and customer feedback. Every new brand has the potential to kick off multiple line extensions, each serving different customers.

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