Driving Retail Commerce Since 1994

Since 1994, Ontel has been developing and marketing some of the most innovative and best-known consumer products on the market.

Over the years, we’ve continued to build strong relationships with our retail partners – and through their support, our products live in millions of consumers homes. With a global network of over 80,000 retail stores, Ontel can guarantee maximum market penetration, both domestically and world-wide.

From small retail chains to mass-market retailers such Walmart and Target, few other companies match the distribution power of Ontel Products.

To make a positive impact on consumers, a company must to excel in six core strengths: Consumer Understanding, Innovation, Branding, Go-to-Market Capabilities, Scale and Productivity. Ontel leads in these areas.

Consumer Understanding

Working with Ontel means having a better understanding of the communities and consumers we serve. We conduct hundreds of research studies each year to stay ahead of what consumers need today and want tomorrow. The insights we gain not only identify new innovations, but also help us better communicate with our customers and solve their problems.


Ontel is recognized as one of the Direct Response industry’s most prolific innovators. We strive to develop solution-oriented products that have mass appeal and improve the quality of people’s lives, and our eyes and ears are always open for the next great idea, while we consistently expand upon our existing product lines to make them even better.

Brand Building

Marketing is the cornerstone of our product launch strategy and the key vehicle we use in building brands. We start by creating compelling direct-response TV commercials, and then expand to Internet, print, and more. By measuring the exact level of demand on new products, Ontel has perfected the model for quickly building new brands that sell millions of units within a short time period, and continue with strong sales for years to come.

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As one of the world’s largest consumer products companies, Ontel has scale advantages across our brands and operations. This allows us to share knowledge, transfer technologies, optimize our spending and flow resources to better serve consumers, and continually improve our efficiency and productivity.

Go-to-Market Capabilities

Ontel is consistently ranked as a preferred supplier by leading retailers throughout the industry. We’re also frequently recognized as the industry leader in a wide range of capabilities, including clearest company strategy, strong business fundamentals, and variety of consumer categories.


Productivity is a core strength at Ontel. And it’s one that enables ongoing investment in business growth, new channels, and product innovation – all of which translates to higher retail sales.

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