For Retailers

What’s Different About Ontel’s Products?

  • Unique – Innovation for the mass market
  • High Satisfaction – If customers don’t love it, we won’t sell it
  • Proven Demand – Supported by multi-million dollar advertising
  • Long-Term – Strong sales for years

Launched Iron Gym in 2008 and consistently sell over a million pieces each year.

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“Ontel is focused on providing our consumers with products that provide the latest innovation, highest quality, and best value for their investment. We strive to bring products to market that have a longer life cycle than average As Seen On TV product by identifying products that will be top sellers in their home category, as well as, in the As Seen On TV category. This approach provides the consumer with brands they can trust will be there for them for many years. Our retail partners can count on Ontel to deliver traffic to their stores by utilizing our Omni Channel support plans that educate consumers on where they can find our latest innovations.”

– Craig S. Jordan – Vice President of Sales

How you can Maximize Your Profits with Ontel’s Products: