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Ontel is your perfect marketing & retail distribution partner if you like…

A Plain & Simple Approach:

  • Honesty – You’ll get paid accurately & on time
  • Focus – We take a quality over quantity approach to projects
  • Passion – We only do projects we love, with people we love
  • Results – Industry Leading Sales & Distribution in over 80,000 stores

“Working with Ontel has really helped bring CJ Products and the Pillow Pets® brand to the next level. We have had great success with them over the last two years and are looking forward to what the future will bring.”

– Jennifer Telfer – Inventor of Pillow Pets

Sold over 30 million Pillow Pets in 18 months, making it the #1 retail As Seen on TV product of all time.

“Years ago I brought a very raw innovation to Ontel. Not only did they skillfully guide my product through development and manufacture but in a market already saturated with floor sweepers they crafted a marketing plan that punched through and turned the Swivel Sweeper into a #1 selling global monster! Some seven years later the Swivel Sweeper is still selling all over the world and I have no doubt Ontel will create a path to seven more. “

– Bryan Kaleta – Swivel Sweeper Inventor

Sold over 15 million Swivel Sweepers since the product’s launch in 2004, and sales continue at a strong pace in over 30 countries.

“The perfect people & products appear at precisely the right time.”

– Chuck Khubani, Founder & CEO

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