Since 1994, we’ve been developing, marketing, and distributing some of the most innovative consumer products on the market. From popular toys, to top-selling home fitness equipment, to innovative household items, we love bringing new ideas into the world. Our products are sold in nearly every major retail chain in the USA, and in over 30 countries worldwide, with a simple mission: to serve people with products they want, and that make their lives more enjoyable. We invite you to explore our website, and learn what we’re all about.

Our History

Ontel Products was founded by Chuck Khubani with the simple mission of making products that people want, and that make their lives more enjoyable. Ontel’s first hit product was the Iron Wonder, an ironing kit that cut people’s ironing time in half and prevented marks and burns on clothes. Following this success, Ontel continued to grow throughout the 90’s and 2000’s with the launch of popular items such as the Inkjet Refill Kit, Microfiber Cloths, Dryer Balls, Swivel Sweeper, Iron Gym, Pillow Pets, and more.

Product Development

The Product Development department at Ontel identifies and develops all of the company’s new products, and manages the manufacturing for the company’s current product lines. We strive to develop solution-oriented products that have mass appeal and improve the quality of people’s lives. Our eyes and ears are always open for the next great idea, and we consistently develop and innovate on our existing product lines to make them even better.

Direct Response Marketing

With every product the company develops, we start by creating and testing a compelling direct-response TV commercial, and then expand to Internet marketing, print ads, and more on the successful campaigns. Direct-Response allows us to measure the exact level of demand there will be on a new product, and is the perfect method for quickly building new brands that sell millions of units within a short period of time, and in many cases continue with strong sales for years to come.

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Retail Distribution

No other direct response company can boast the distribution power of Ontel Products. With a global network of over 80,000 retail stores, Ontel can guarantee maximum market penetration domestically and worldwide.

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